Is a 6,500+ acre ranch and most of the filming is in a 600 acre parcel on the south side of the property. In the 1880’s, the property was leased by a company from New Mexico. During these early years, the ranch was known as Patterson Ranch. J. Paul Getty, the oil tycoon, bought the ranch in the early 1930’s and renamed it The Tapo Ranch. He retained ownership of the property until 1981/82 when the Big Sky Ranch Co., a partnership managed by Watt Enterprises, bought the property. Movie making history at the ranch dates back at least to the middle 1950’s when some exterior scenes for Gunsmoke were filmed there. The ranch is known for rolling hills, great vistas, secluded canyons and undulating valleys, as well as one of the last great working movie ranches in the country. Some of the local exteriors of the ranch were used in "Bonanza" episodes in 1969 and 1970. Segments of eleven's "Another Windmill to Go", "To Stop a War", "The Lady and the Mark", "Is There Any Man Here", "The Law and Billy Burgess", and twelve's "A Matter of Faith", "The Wagon", "El Jefe", and "The Luck of Pepper Shannon". The ranch was leased for filming of local exteriors in "Little House on the Prairie". The 1974 pilot film that sold the series wasn't filmed there. The show's titles and cast credits depicting the family were filmed on the hillside beyond the farm exteriors. The cattle drive sequences in "Rawhide" were filmed at the ranch. The final "Little House" television movie was "The Last Farewell". It was made in July of 1983 and later telecast on February 6, 1984. Since the 1960s the ranch has been a filming location for many movies and television shows including "Little House on the Prairie," "Coming to America," "Father Murphy," "The Thorn Birds," "The Gambler," "The Beastmaster" "Bonanza", "Dallas", "Father Murphy", "Gunsmoke", "Little House on the Prairie", "Quantum Leap", "Rawhide", "Sidekicks" "Tales of the Crypt"and the horror film "Pumpkinhead."