Hollywood started making history at Big Sky back at least to the middle 1950’s when some exterior scenes for Gunsmoke were filmed there. The ranch has been a filming location for many movies and television shows including "Little House on the Prairie", "Father Murphy", "The Thorn Birds", "The Gambler", "The Beastmaster", "Bonanza", "Dallas", "Gunsmoke", "Quantum Leap", "Rawhide", "Sidekicks", and "Flicka". Most of the filming presided on the south side of the property near the exterior town of Walnut Grove until a massive fire came through the entire ranch and burned all of the sets and structures . The ranch has two very distinct areas for filming, one with rolling hills and great vistas and the other with secluded canyons, undulating valleys and a grand mesa. Credits in the past few years include "The Office", "Saving Mr. Banks", "Captain America", "Django Unchained", "Agents of SHIELD", "Hail Caesar", "The Revenant", and the HBO series "WESTWORLD".